About us ......

Woodside Radiology are a partnership of specialist radiologists. who work with a number of partner providers of diagnostic and therapeutic radiology services.  We were founded in 1997, werre are a team of 5 partners and 3 assoicates, all experienced NHS consultant radiologists, who have a wide range of sub-speciality skiolls.

Our aim is to solve diagnostic problems for our clinical colleagues using advanced imaging modalities such as US, CT and MRI.  In addition, again working closely with our partner referrers, we can perform therapeutic procedures under imaging guidnace for a variety of conditions, ranging from musculoskeletal inflammatory conditions through to minimially invasive vascular procedures.

Where do we work?  Woodside Radiology work at a number of sites across West Yorkshire. Click here to find our locations near to you.  

Why Woodside Radiology? We are a team, with complimentary skills within the field of radiology.  We provide convenient services,  specialist imaging expertise for clinicians and patients.